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Straight Stair Lift for Debra, a Veteran with ALS

Debra W.For the past ten months, Debra W. has been facing an uphill battle. Debra, a United States Navy veteran, was diagnosed with ALS at the Hines VA Hospital in July. As is the case with most familial ALS, once the symptoms started they quickly intensified. Mobility around the home, specifically her curved staircase, became an issue.

As a contract provider for the VA, Lifeway was directed by the Prosthetics Department at the Hines VA to evaluate and assess the mobility issues facing Debra in a determined effort to improve her quality of life. Debra had not been downstairs to the living area or kitchen to make a meal in over a month and any visit to the hospital required her husband, friends, or neighbors carrying her down the stairs in a wheelchair. Lifeway recommended a custom curved stairlift to help Debra regain her independence.

Lifeway is proud to partner with organizations such as the VA to provide comfort and accessibility to those who have given so much in return. Regardless of physical condition, your home should never inhibit your lifestyle. With the proper accessible modifications, Debra Worth is finally able to live comfortably in the home she loves—and we appreciates the opportunity to help.

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