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Transfer Aid FAQs

Why are transfer aids used?

Transfer aids help minimize the risk of falls and injuries when transferring someone with limited mobility to and from the bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere else throughout a home or care setting.

What are the different types of transfer aids available from Lifeway?

Lifeway Mobility’s transfer aid offerings include ceiling & patient lifts, grab bars and poles, bath transfer chairs & benches, bed assist rails and other DME products. Please note that the transfer aids available from Lifeway Mobility may vary by location.

What are the different types of patient lifts?

The two types of patient lifts are overhead ceiling lifts and sit-to-stand lifts. An overhead ceiling lift is for those who are immobile and need full assistance with making transfers.  Patient lifts are for those that need some assistance when standing up. Check out the Lifeway ceiling lift guide for more information.

How much does a transfer aid cost?

The price range for transfer aids varies widely as there are many different types of solutions available. Please contact us set up a free consultation, and one of our accessibility experts will provide a quote for the transfer solution that will best meet your family’s needs.

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