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Grab Bars & Poles

Balance is a key challenge for the disabled as well as the elderly. Grab bars and/or safety poles are the easiest way to provide the necessary support for independence when making transfers throughout the home. Lifeway has a wide selection of grab bars that can be mounted on the wall or floor in your bathroom or shower, or anywhere else in your home.

While the installation of a safety pole or grab bar may seem like only small home modifications, they can truly make all the difference in the world. Secure transfers from bath, shower, toilet, or anywhere else throughout a house are so important when it comes to safety and independence.

Safety poles & grab bars are helpful almost everywhere in the bathroom:

  • Getting on and off the toilet
  • For stability in the shower
  • As handrails for stability while navigating between bathroom fixtures
  • At the sink for added stability
  • Bathroom Safety Poles

    A safety pole is a perfect solution for just about any room, as it provides stability for those with limited mobility and poor balance. The safety pole can be easily installed between any floor and ceiling throughout the home by simply turning a jackscrew. The pressure created by the jackscrew is strong enough to support you, yet it does not require drilling holes into the floor or ceiling, ideal for when you need to relocate or remove the pole.

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  • Easy-To-Mount Grab Bars

    Unlike 3-hole flanges that limit screw placement, the 9-hole flange allows a grab bar to be installed at varying degrees. Lifeway offers polished, white, and stainless steel knurled grab bars.

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