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Travel Through the Floor with a Through-Floor Home Elevator

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Savaria through-the-floor elevator Conveniently access two levels of your home "through-the-floor" with a through-floor elevator from Lifeway Mobility! Through-the-floor elevators are innovative and unique and make it easy and safe to travel between two levels (up to 14') in a home. These types of home elevators mesh practicality and can be installed almost anywhere, without the need for a shaft or an electrical room.  For anyone struggling with going up and down stairs, a through-the-floor elevator could be the quickest and best solution to help improve one’s lifestyle, and could be a more attractive alternative to a stair lift.

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Stair Lifts vs. Home Elevators - Which is Best for Me?

stairlift vs  home elevator which is best for me

If the stairs start to become too difficult to manage at home, there are usually two options that people can consider to solve the problem. The first option is to remain at home (with modifications), and the other is to move to a senior living or assisted living facility. Both are feasible options, but many prefer to remain in their home because it prevents the stress of having to move again, and makes it possible to remain in the place that has so many positive emotional ties. A home is a place of comfort as it is where most people build lasting memories with family and friends, whether it be from holidays parties, or social gatherings with friends.

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