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Indoor Wheelchair Lifts in Conneciticut

Indoor wheelchair lifts are very useful for helping a wheelchair user travel between levels in homes and public buildings. Lifeway can help you find the wheelchair lift that will best fit your needs and keep you safe.

  • Bruno 3200 Series Vertical Platform Lift

    Designed exclusively for residential use, the Bruno 3200 VPL can transport you down to the basement, or up to your bedroom. With a weight capacity of 750 pounds, the 3200 platform lift can easily handle a power chair, occupant, and caregiver.

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    >Bruno 3200 Series Vertical Platform Lift
  • Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift

    A vertical platform lift designed for low-rise travel indoors or out, the Savaria Multilift is an easy way to create access. Re-gain access to all floor levels of your home with the installation of a Savaria Multilift!

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    >Savaria Multilift Vertical Platform Lift
  • Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

    The Savaria V-1504 lift is built to carry a wheelchair and passenger safely up and down one or more levels. Suitable residential and commercial settings, the V-1504 features an extremely versatile design that can be configured & customized to suit virtually any project requirements and aesthetic needs.

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    >Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

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