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Bathroom Safety Solutions in Orange County, CA

Lifeway Mobility can modify your bathroom in a number of ways to help keep you safe! Regardless of the disability, the bathroom almost always creates a challenge and it is very difficult to feel at home if you don’t have safe and convenient access to a bathroom.

A barrier-free bathroom design will accommodate anyone who has accessibility issues in the bathroom at home. Barrier-free bathrooms offer a safe solution for people who have reduced balance and mobility.

To make sure that you can feel safe and comfortable in your bathroom, we offer the following bathroom modifications:

  • Showers & Bath

    Lifeway Mobility offers a complete line of high-quality barrier showers and walk-in tubs as well as safe bathing accessories. We have full shower packages that can be ordered, and as well as several other options to make an existing tub or shower wheelchair accessible.

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  • Fixed Ceiling Lifts

    Ceiling lifts are an ergonomically ideal alternative that eliminate the need for manual lifting and allow the caregiver to always choose the optimal working stance. The lift system is always in place, requires a minimum of floor space, is very easy to maneuver, provides a large lifting area, and enables both low and very high lifting.

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  • Accessible Showers

    Easily replace your old tub or shower with a fully accessible roll-in shower for enhanced independence and safety. Lifeway has over 400 roll-in shower model combinations available! The barrier-free shower that’s right for you will depend on your needs, available space, and your home’s style.

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  • Tub Cut-Outs

    Make your existing tub accessible again by converting it to a step-in tub. This is the least expensive and quickest way to solve the problem of getting into and out of your tub. A tub cut-out accommodates a wide range of different situations and can be installed on your existing tub in just one day!

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  • Walk-In Tubs

    Lifeway offers a variety of walk-in bathtub models to choose from. All of our tubs utilize doors with gaskets for a water-tight seal. An easy, low step provides safe access in and out of the tub.

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  • Bath Safety

    Lifeway installs bathroom seats, benches, handheld showers, heavy-duty curtains, and other accessories to offer you the ultimate in safe bathing. One or more of these products can assist in preventing falls in the bathroom.

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