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Freestanding Lift Systems

Molift Freestanding Hoist Units

A Molift Freestanding Hoist Unit is the best alternative when the lifting need is temporary or when the facility is not built for fixed installations.

Lifeway Mobility is an authorized dealer and a certified installer of the MoLift Rail System. This flexible ceiling hoist system is the optimal solution to assist caregivers and solve all hoisting needs for disabled persons.

The Molift Rail System is a cost-effective solution for hospitals, institutions, nursing and private homes. It is easily integrated and is aesthetically adjusted to the design and architecture of the room.

Caregiver Health Matters

Lifeway Mobility is proud to work with Molift to supply equipment that facilitates moving and handling and reduces the need for heavy manual handling/lifting.

Molift products are designed to give patients a better life while providing caregivers the best support and optimum environment at work or at home. Molift creates solutions that improve the quality of life for caregivers—leading to healthier caregivers with more energy to provide attention, love, and care.

As an authorized Molift dealer, we have one mission: To give caregivers better health.

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